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Possible partnerships to success:

Food Service Program: By installing a commercial kitchen, we can work with local culinary arts programs to provide a working classroom for students. Job skills include food preparation for one to hundreds, food cost and selling price analysis, catering, making change, customer service, sales, logistics, food safety,  etc. Park benefits: top quality food for concessions, on site catering, off site catering.

Banking program: Partner with a local bank or credit union to develop a program to teach young people about checking accounts, savings accounts, investing, money management, mortgages, etc. Possibly have an on-site location opened once a week. Facility benefit: people that can pay their bills.

Physical Therapy: Have an on-site location for physical therapist specializing in special needs patients as well as sports and occupational patients. Job skills: any vocation dealing with athletes, people with special needs, physical therapy, etc. Facility benefits: provide local care to Miracle League participants and injured athletes.

Cosmetology and personal services: Work with local vocational training facilities to develop businesses that provide nail services, massages, haircuts, etc. to provide a venue where students can hone their skills. Benefits for facility: provide low cost services to visitors to the park.

Landscaping Company: Create a new company or work with an existing company to maintain park and seek private work. This company would provide jobs to players and area high school students. Players would be able to trade work for their fees. Job skills: landscape design, lawn maintenance, plant maintenance, small tool maintenance, equipment operation, etc. Facility benefit: properly maintained park.

Community Garden: Install small garden plots of raised beds on available land to grow fruits and vegetables. Teach children and adults how to grow some of their own food in limited area. Benefits: Sell or use harvest in concessions on site.

Commercial Greenhouse: Build greenhouse to grow seedlings and flowers for sale to various retail outlets, community garden, and landscape companies. Job skills: horticulture, marketing, sales, etc. Benefits: On site source for concession produce, another avenue for athletes to work off fees.

Job Placement/referral service: By interacting with young athletes, we will be able to provide references to local business looking to hire young people with a good work ethic. Benefits: Stronger local work force.

Community Service Opportunities: Provide local venue for students needing community service experience for scholarships and college admissions and for local residents having to perform community service to satisfy local courts.

Other skills/training possibilities: Sports photography, videography, sports management, facilities management, facility maintenance, special events planning and execution, crowd control.

Related businesses: Sports clinics, trophies, sporting goods, speed and agility training, martial arts, physical fitness, (cradle to grave program), cheerleading, gymnastics, basketball, tutoring, S.A.T/A.C.T. preparation, weight loss programs.

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